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What We Do

Proficiency In Manufacturing

Constantly innovating, we engage collaboratively with our customers and partners, creating award-winning products and speeding them to market

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Proven product innovation with authority and expertise in housewares and kitchenware 

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High-quality materials are the building blocks of our safe to use, built-to-last products 

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Responsible contract manufacturing with high standards of quality and integrity 

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On-site quality assurance teams allow us the unique ability to inspect every product as it comes down the line 

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Supply Chain

Efficient and effective distribution and warehouse infrastructure allows for high-volume, high-speed fulfillment 

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From custom product packaging to best-in-class ecommerce content, Epoca builds flawless brand identity for positive exposure 

Crysal Ball Product Animation
Leverage the power of Crystal Ball by Epoca, our predictive analytics tool, to make informed buying decisions and stay ahead of market trends.
Crystal Ball

We focus on bringing brands to life through product. And we're the best at it.

We develop and nurture brand assets from influential media brands to interpret their brand language into innovative product lines

A digital media powerhouse adapted into an exclusive line of kitchenware that bring the fun, ease and accessibility of Tasty’s viral recipe videos into Walmart stores.

A healthy living and recipe magazine transformed into safe, healthy kitchenware to help consumers make low calorie recipes with ease at home.

Translating Goodful’s mission for wellness and mindfulness through a fresh unique kitchenware line that helps consumers lead a healthier lifestyle.

From traditional comfort food favorites to modern farmhouse flavors, the Country Living line of kitchenware inspires tastes for every season.

Epoca is driven by data- collecting, analyzing and presenting data to help determine what products we should produce next or what we should change in existing products.


Our in-house data team, named Crystal Ball, mines and makes use of data across various sources to help us make decisions and capture upcoming trends


We enlist the help of our licensing partners to ask questions to audiences to get input about products they'd like to see in the market


We work with brands and partners to make authentic products that speak to the brand and the retailer's consumers

Our team of in-house designers create innovative products while solving kitchen pain points- all while staying true to each individual brand


Blending user needs with business goals and brand authenticity, our talented in-house design team translates brands into innovative products


Prototyping unique products to test for usability and functionality allow us to quickly and easily amend any potential design flaws

Micropop Testing

A vigorous testing and QA process ensures reliable, quality products that meet standards and perform as intended.

After products have completed manufacturing and passed rigorous testing processes, a final product is born.

From concept to reality.

The Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper is just another example of a product we concepted, tooled, manufactured, tested and delivered. It is currently the top-selling popcorn maker on Amazon with over 40,000 great reviews and has won multiple design awards and accolades.

Epoca takes an omnichannel approach to sales, focusing on providing a seamless customer experience whether the client is shopping online from a mobile device, laptop or in a brick-and-mortar store.

We ensure the shopping experience is flawless between brick-and-mortar retailers and e-commerce shopping.




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