Primula admin October 14, 2021

Innovative craft beverage products and drinkware with distinctive, patented designs that are accessible to both the seasoned and aspirational beverage connoisseur.

We’re the craft beverage experts-

With a growing line of coffee, tea and water accessories for the at-home and on-the-go user. With Primula, you’ll find the latest proprietary innovations in coffee and espresso makers, teapots, pitchers and infusers, plus an array of thermal water bottles. Dozens of styles and colors available for customers of all ages 

Inventive product line including coffee and tea makers and products, infusion pitchers, and a variety of thermal water bottles for convenient, on-the-go hydration.

Dozens of sleek, functional styles and colors to captivate just about any coffee, tea or water drinker.

Product Catgories

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